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Leaned at the counter taking his coffee, news of « Zinc », which does not revolutionize the planet, certainly substantial and sometimes akin to the rumours.

In preview for the friends at first, the perdition of the computer engineer pseudo musician and sound engineer, an upcoming Web site RollsPlayer will present in detail this long and laborious work. But it is not finished yet! The sound is without psycho-acoustic effects.

Technique and succinct explanation:

The Midi files stemming from scans of mechanical piano Rolls, replayed with a software piano by means of digital audio converter.
Fazioli NYT Line
Piano Fazioli in the futuristic lines drawn by NYT Line
Audio Equipment
Ensemble by Apogee, Apogee MiniDAC and Apogee MiniME 24-bit 96 kHz 16-bit 44,1 kHz
Apogee Big Ben Apogee Big Ben
Logiciels Apogee Rosetta 200 Apogee Rosetta 200
Apple Logic Studio 8 with Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand and BIAS Peak Pro 6 Metric Halo Mobile I/O ULN-2 Metric Halo Mobile I/O ULN-2
Sound from Piano
The sound of Piano of these pieces is restored with the Files Midi which contains the pianist intention (the game) and the velocities (strength of support on keys). These Midi files come from rollers or « Rolls » of mechanical Piano, in the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, there were no technical means material to record the sound from a concert pianist. The only technology that existed, this was the perforated paper rollers to function with a mechanical Piano. As the paper degrades himself and that the mechanical Pianos disappear, some persons made specific scanners to digitize (scan) the paper rolls and convert the « Rolls » in Midi Files. And I tries to restore the sound of the performances of these pianists, this is of a lamentable complexity, but these interpretations are magic. It is obvious that it is necessary to like the Piano, for to make it, I was obliged from to mount a pro digital studio, otherwise this does not work correctly. The sound of Piano from my « Zic » is made with a Piano software, two digital audio workstation, computers and digital audio converters.

Here is a modern archaeology of the music of these Big Pianists of the 19th, and then it is too late for me to learn the Piano, it is my biggest regret...

The ideal for me, would be to find a Musical Sponsor to be able to continue!
These interpretations comes from « Rolls » of mechanical Piano.

The Ballade No. 1 Op 23 G Minor is played by Leopold Godowsky (1870 - 1938) in a masterful way.

An unknown piece nevertheless with this rare beauty, The Elegy Op 3 Eb Minor No. 1 is composed and performed by Sergueï Rachmaninov (1873 - 1943). Five Pieces Opus 3 were written by Sergueï Vassilievitch Rachmaninov en 1892, when he was only 19 years old. It will be the first publication of its work of composition for Piano. The ensemble of this pieces is constituted from: Elegy, Prelude, Melody, Polichinelle, Serenade.

The interpretation of the Nocturne No. 19 Op E Minor 72 No. 1 is played by Vladimir de Pachman (1848 - 1933).

According to the son of de Pachmann, Lionel (Interviewed in Paris, on 1979 when he was 92 years old), Franz Liszt was present in the concert. « As it was the custom, for men to wear high hat at this epoch in the concerts, Franz Liszt got on stage in the first interval and began, by removing his hat, then he addressed the public: « This is how played Chopin. » He made later to my father a confidence, by him showing what he had remembered from the manner played by Chopin. »

The Lark (L‘Alouette) was composed by Mikhaïl Ivanovitch Glinka (1804 - 1857) and Mili Alekseïevitch Balakirev (1837 - 1910) made the Transcription for Piano. In 1855, he will have the opportunity to meet Mikhaïl Glinka, this great musician precursor of the Russian music.

Richard Buhlig (1880-1952) Pianist by an European formation and recognized as an excellent concert pianist in Europe, before his return in the United States in 1916. Buhlig, Schnabel et Paderewski are considered as the most famous three pupils of the great pianist and the professor Theodor Leschetizky. Buhlig and Schnabel will stay in occasional contact with him throughout their lives. Discover the play of Richard Buhlig and her virtuosity in The Lark. It is necessary to hear him for to understand the level of complexity at the service of the harmonies and of the emotion which he lavishs.
Compositeur Titre Pianiste aif Midi Mp3 Partition
Fryderyk Chopin Ballade No. 1 Op 23 G Minor Leopold Godowsky aif Midi Mp3 Partition
Sergueï Rachmaninov Elegy Op 3 Eb Minor No. 1 Sergueï Rachmaninov aif Midi Mp3 Partition
Fryderyk Chopin Nocturne No. 19 Op 72 E Minor No. 1 Vladimir de Pachman aif Midi Mp3 Partition
Mikhaïl Glinka The Lark (L‘Alouette) Bb Minor Richard Buhlig aif Midi Mp3 Partition
Fryderyk Chopin Ballade No. 3 Op 47 Ab Major Ignacy Jan Paderewski aif Midi Mp3 Partition
The sheet music is this of the Piano Performer and Soloist.
The file format .aif is the file to make a CD and the file .mp3 format is the file for player.

Right click on the file link, then Save As ...
Music free all rights only for private use and not commercial.

Eric Douzet – Rolls Player – Translated by Adeline Darlington
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