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Il Divo is a group of singers created by Simon Cowell, one of the judges from American Idol. Because music with acoustic instruments is not very popular with record companies nowadays.

It has taken Simon Cowell no less than 2 years to find and gather the 4 singers of the group: Carlos Marin, Urs Bühler, Sébastien Izambard and David Miller.

Carlos Marin is a Spanish baritone of classical training.
Urs Bühler is a Swiss tenor of classical training.
Sébastien Izambard is French, self-taught of the operatic lyric singing.
David Miller is an American tenor of classical training. He is also the youngest and the last to have joined the group.

With, their first album « Il Divo » (October 2004), their second « Ancora » (January 2006) and their third « Siempre » (November 2006), the four boys have conquered the world in a very short time. Then in November, 2008 went out the fourth album « The Promise ». Their chorus performances are impressively powerful and undoubtedly match their tonal delicacy. Thus the historic cleavage between the pop music, the operatic singing and the classical music is finally outdated.

Thanks to the symphonic orchestration of romantic melodies from popular music, the virtuosity, passion and refinement of their performance bring novelty to opera singing, which is usually based on the elitist classical operatic repertoire. The subtlety and quality of sound, « classical music » in style, also play an essential part in their success.

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Il Divo
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