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The speed is useful and inertia painful
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Jung Lin

« Only an art experienced from within, and to which our personality takes a creative part, may remain constructive and bring emotion to others. It is thus necessary to delve into the most obscure parts of our heart, lend an ear to the murmur of our desires and regrets, and feel the fullness of our life. Then, when we listen to the mysterious sounds which travel across the worlds, the sacred fire of imagination will spring out from the innermost depths of our soul. » Edwin Fischer

Those are the words of a very great pianist, to talk about his art.

With this transcription of Sibelius's Nocturne, recorded live at the Lincoln Center, Jung Lin leads us to discover and share an emotion, displays her sensitivity and thus really shows she belongs with the Pianists who understand music and live it from within like a kind of truth, and not only like a skilful instrumentalist.

Jung Lin reaches this virtuosity when she plays a Fazioli brilliantly: this fabulous piano under her fingers can move you to tears. The beauty of this work is almost indescribable. It becomes easy to talk about Jung Lin while listen to her. Words flow along with the stream of music she brings us. She has understood the manner of playing of the late great masters and how to appropriate the best in each of them, such as Leopold Godowsky, Vladimir de Pachman or Edwin Fischer.

Her transcription is a major interpretation and will remain in the history of piano playing.

Eric Douzet – Translated by Adeline Darlington
Jung Lin
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