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The speed is useful and inertia painful
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The French song seeks its actors, Malorie with the sweetness of its melody and the heat of the stamp of its voice, she enters scene brilliantly. We share with a candour one felt staff.

Its song « Parano sans doute » highlighted by a very acoustic arrangement, the words of which are more than thought. Transports us in the universe of sensibility of a young lady observer of his time.

Author and composer Malorie, express all his artistic maturity in thirty years, Sirs producers you have no ears, they are enslaved by a « musique fast food », the question remains composed.

« Parano sans doute » is an indisputable success!

This artist deserves our applauses and our unconditional support, to listen without moderation.

Eric Douzet

Web Site   www.malorie.fr

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