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Melinda Doolittle

During her participation for the sixth edition of the TV program « American Idol » each was persuaded, Simon Cowell the first one, than Melinda would be the laureate. But each was surprised by the final result, she obtained only the third stair of the podium. Meanwhile, it does not exist a support to listen to her magic interpretations that she to executed during her passages in this emission, I find this extremely regrettable. Because with Melinda her vocal performances could be recorded immediately for a CD, without neither doubt possible.

The record companies are not doing their job properly and I doubt very sincerely of the skills of their decision-makers artistic. With the producing of « l‘artiste » who surfs on the wave and which lasts just than the time of this one, with mediocre quality music, more or less well in the mixing, the source will dry up.

Even against the current of this famous wave, Melinda Doolittle is part of the rare singers having the talent and the vocal capacity to take back one multitude of the great Jazz standards orchestrated by an accompaniment acoustic and to be able to make marvel in this register.

we wish him a long and brilliant career, even if the beginning of this one is laborious, by the only factor which is the absence of the respect for the artistic plurality on behalf of record companies.

Eric Douzet

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Melinda Doolittle
Music Player One very good interpretation makes so much in one song, this is not at to demonstrate, Melinda makes marvels in the standards of Jazz. The warmth of her voice to the incomparable timbre thus than her expression are a must for this genre of songs, naturally frequently sulked by the hype of the medias, but appreciated by the public, damage for the musical culture!

Melinda Doolittle

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