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The speed is useful and inertia painful
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Useless directory for rich and good thinking people, based on the intolerable principle of wild liberalism, that is: « every man for himself ».

If we don‘t respect each other‘s differences, whether in terms of identity, race, sex, social background and conditions, there is no respect for human beings - all equal, but all different. In a word, the right to indifference in being different!

« If I put away impossible Salvation in the accessories store, what remains?
A whole man, made of all other men, who is worth all of them and who is worth anyone. » Last sentence from the book « Les mots » by Jean-Paul Sartre.

« Hell is other people. »

This famous sentence by Jean-Paul Sartre has very often been misunderstood. Unfortunately, many people in this world go through hell because they depend on other people‘s judgement. And yet, as we can see through many examples, mankind cultivates and reproduces this process more than frequently. Few people, whose I am a part, are indifferent and casual, front this judgment of the other. Avoid by advance a gregarious conformity, so that whoever does not look like anyone.

Translated by Adeline Darlington
William Bouguereau - Study, Head of the young girl
William Bouguereau – Study, Head of the young girl
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